4-H Clover Kids

Seeing a need for a developmentally appropriate program for younger children, Missouri 4-H developed the popular
4-H Clover Kids Program. The 4-H Clover Kids Club program is designed to introduce 5- to 7-year-olds to a variety of
4-H experiences. 4-H Clover Kids will be involved in activities led by an adult that will help the kids learn how to get along and share with others; explore many different interests; learn basic living skills' build self-confidence; learn to communicate effectively; and learn how to be a part of a group. The ultimate goal is to make this age group so excited about 4-H that they'll continue their enrollment in 4-H beyond the 4-H Clover Kids experience. The adult/child ratio for these clubs is 5-8 children per adult leader. The program is noncompetitive. 4-H Clover Kids do not participate in competitive events, contests or shows and no large animal projects are allowed. This gives youth only the chance to succeed, never to fail!

This program has grown and prospered in Adair County. Clover Kids meet for one hour twice a month, October through May, in a small group setting.

Watch your child's book bag in October as flyers are sent out through our local schools announcing our Clover Kid sign up. If you're interested in being a Clover Kid group leader please contact Michelle Klem.

Below: 4-H Clover Kids made holiday arrangements at a recent meeting. This introduced the members to the 4-H arts and crafts project and the horticulture/floriculture projects

4-H Clover Kids made holiday arrangements at a recent meeting