4-H Achievement Day

2019 4-H Achievement Day registration form (PDF)












Achievement Day is for everybody! Achievement Day is usually held in the Spring. Watch your newsletter for date and registration information. See below what activities you can participate in.

Fashion Revue

4-H Fashion Revue will be part of Achievement Day. The top participant in each section will advance to the State 4-H Fashion Revue in Columbia, MO in September.

  • Overview of the 4-H Clothing project - http://4h.missouri.edu/clothing/projects
  • Garment Data Form - We need to know what participants will be wearing in the 4-H Fashion Revue. Your ensemble and accessories should reflect the season for which they are intended to be worn, and should not be altered just because the Fashion Revue is held in the spring/summer. It is important that a complete description of the outfit be given on the Garment Data Form. Describe the specific details that make up the design. (The back of the pattern envelope is a good source of descriptive terms for those in the Clothes You Make category). Please fill in the requested information as accurately as possible.  The Garment Data Forms are also used for news releases and commentary. If chosen to compete at the State 4-H Fashion Revue: The Garment Data Form must include one full-length, color photograph of you wearing the complete outfit (including accessories) that you will model. This photo may be taken at your 4-H county event. The photo is used for category placements and background information for the judges and fashion show coordinator. The photo should fit the area designated on the registration form.
  • Find the Garment Data Form at http://extension.missouri.edu/adair/documents/4-H/GarmentDescriptionForm.pdf


Blue ribbon demonstrations are eligible to be presented at the Missouri State Fair in August. Demonstrations involving firearms are not allowed. Those involving live animals, open flames, and/or other unusual circumstances must receive special approval. Trophy awarded.

Public Speaking

Top scorers in each age division (8-10, 11-13 and 14 and over) and each type of contest are eligible to compete at the State 4-H Public Speaking Contest. Trophy awarded.

  • Public Speaking provides 4-H members an opportunity to practice skills in communication, decision making, and human interaction in a competitive setting.
  • Resources and contest guidelines: http://4h.missouri.edu/state-public-speaking/main
  • Categories are: Prepared Speech, Extemporaneous Speaking, Technology Assisted Speaking, Interpretation (Dramatic, Humorous or Pantomime).

Project Judging

Creative Table Setting

Choose an occasion, plan your menu, select your table setting, select your accessories, use your imagination and have fun. Trophy awarded.

Personal Development

4-H'ers are judged on their knowledge and personal care habits as well as their personal growth and development and personal safety through an interview with the judge and a written report. 

Clover Kids

Come join the fun! You can participate in judging and personal development – remember it’s not competitive; all Clover Kids will receive participation ribbons. Come see what Achievement Day is all about!

Parents, please do not leave your child unattended at Achievement Day. If you cannot be with your child, please ask another adult in attendance to be responsible for him or her, and let your child know who that person is. Thanks!