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Current Weekly Crop Scouting Report

April 19 - Wet conditions consider a fungicide to protect flag leaves and prevent Head Scab

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Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension, scouted fields near EE Hwy, east of I-49 and on the northeast side of Lamar for the April 19 crop scouting update.

Wheat was found to be in the heading and beginning flowering stages.

Scheidt observed powdery mildew moving up the plant, and present on some flag leaves. Powdery mildew begins as light-green to yellow flecks on the leaf surface that develop into patches of cottony white mold growth that turn a grayish in color. Temperature ranges of 59-72 degrees F and prolonged periods of cloudy weather favor powdery mildew development. High nitrogen levels, lush growth and dense canopies also favor powdery mildew. 

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew

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The weekly field scouting report is sponsored by University of Missouri Extension and Barton County Extension.  To receive the 2016 weekly scouting reports, print the 2016 Crop Scouting Enrollment Form, complete and return with payment to Barton County Extension, 801 E 12th, Lamar, MO 64759 or contact the MU Extension Center in Barton County, 417-682-3579.

The cost of the program is only $35 per phone number, $95 for three numbers and $30 per phone number for those with four or more.

Crop Scouting Enrollment Form (PDF)

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