Livestock articles by Gene Schmitz, Livestock Specialist

2019 articles

Pasture Recovery Workshop (PDF) 3-9-19

2019 Spring Grazing Management (PDF) 4-9-19

Summer Annual Forage Crops (PDF) 5-22-19

Regional Grazing School Scheduled (PDF) 6-3-19

2018 articles

Grazing Conference Scheduled for Mid-Missouri (PDF) 1-5-18

Replacement Heifer Selection (PDF) 2-6-18

Replacement Heifer Development (PDF) 3-5-18

Spring Pasture Management (PDF) 3-30-18

Bale Feeding Survey (PDF) 4-24-18

Hay and Forage Options (PDF) 5-11-18

Small Ruminant Workshop Scheduled (PDF) 5-25-18

MU Extension offers four-day tour for cattle producers (PDF)

Wheat Straw Ammoniation (PDF) 6-22-18

Corn Silage Considerations (PDF) 7-25-18

Drought Feeding Management Options (PDF) 8-22-18

ReproGene Meeting Scheduled (PDF)  8-31-18

Winter Cattle Feeding Meeting Scheduled (PDF)  9-14-18

Use Caution When Feeding Corn Stalks (PDF)  9-20-18

Reminder Winter Cattle Feeding Meetings Scheduled (PDF)  10-4-18

Agriculture Leases (PDF) 10-12-18

Winter Feeding of Beef Cattle (PDF) 11-9-18

Santa's Reindeer Need Your Help (PDF) 12-14-18


2017 articles

Forage Education Events Scheduled (PDF)

Pasture Fertilization (PDF)

Hay Sampling Techniques (PDF)

Managed Grazing Workshops Scheduled (PDF)

Winter Feeding Cost Projections (PDF)

Winter Feed Cost Projections Part 2 (PDF)

Alternative Forages (PDF)


2016 articles

Alternative Forages (PDF)

Wheat Straw Ammoniation (PDF)

Summer Management Considerations (PDF)

Pasture Weed Control (PDF)

Buying or Selling Hay (PDF)

Forage Research Field Day to be Held August 24 (PDF)

Fall Grazing Programs Utilizing Stockpiled Tall Fescue (PDF)