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University of Missouri Extension Publications:


N660   Can-Do Recipes: Canned Chicken

N661   Can-Do Recipes: Rice

N662   Can-Do Recipes: Canned Tuna

N663   Can-Do Recipes: Tomatoes

N664   Can-Do Recipes: Corn

N665   Can-Do Recipes: Ramen Noodles

N666   Can-Do Recipes: Beans

N667   Can-Do Recipes: Pork

N668   Can-Do Recipes: Green Beans

N669   Can-Do Recipes: Pears

N670   Can-Do Recipes: Venison

N671   Can-Do Recipes: Crackers

N672   Can-Do Recipes: Peaches

N673   Can-Do Recipes: Pumpkin

N674   Can-Do Recipes: Canned Cranberries

N675   Can-Do Recipes: Elbow Macaroni

N676   Can-Do Recipes: Canned Pineapple

NC1     Show Me Simple and Health Recipes


GH1055 The New Missouri Mix (includes the following recipes)

  1. Basic Biscuits
  2. Peanut Butter Refrigerator Cookies
  3. Oatmeal Drop Cookies
  4. Basic Cake
  5. Basic Cake Variations
  6. Apple Cobbler
  7. Topping
  8. Gingerbread
  9. Cornbread
  10. Banana-nut Bread
  11. Bread Variations
  12. Basic Muffins
  13. Muffin Variations
  14. Basic Pancakes and Waffles
  15. Pancake and Waffle Variations
  16. Cheesy-tomato Pie


GH1116 Using and Storing All-purpose Flour (includes the following recipes)

  1. Yeast Rolls
  2. Biscuit Mix
  3. Muffins
  4. Tuna Pizza
  5. Carrot-raisin Cookies
  6. Quick Coffee Cake


GH1119 Using and Storing Cornmeal (includes the following recipes)

  1. Cooked Cornmeal Mush
  2. Fried Cornmeal Mush
  3. Spoonbread
  4. Cornbread
  5. Cornmeal Muffins
  6. Cheese Cornbread
  7. Cornbread Gingerbread
  8. Cornmeal Pancakes
  9. Mexican Meatloaf


GH1120 Using and Storing Honey (includes the following recipes)

  1. Turkey and Rice Oriental
  2. Honeybee Ambrosia
  3. German-Style Red Cabbage
  4. Honey Raisin Bran Bars
  5. Oven-fried Chicken with honey-butter sauce
  6. Honey Butter Sauce
  7. Honey Butter
  8. Rice Pudding


N987 Two Meals for $10 (1)   (includes the following recipes)

  1. Chicken Noodle Soup
  2. Broccoli, Ham, Potato Brunch Casserole


N991 Three Holiday Dishes for $10  (includes the following recipes)

  1. Cheesy Broccoli Casserole
  2. Cranberry Sauce
  3. Roasted Sweet Potatoes


N992 Two Meals for $10 (111)  (includes the following recipes)

  1. Quick and Easy Tuna Noodles
  2. Four-layer Casserole


N993 Two Meals for $10 (IV) (includes the following recipes)

  1. Tortilla Soup
  2. Hearty Tex-Mex Skillet Supper


GH1183 Making Yogurt at Home: Country Living Series


MP564 In a Pinch: Ingredient Substitution


MP563 In a Pinch: Food Yields


Food Preservation/Canning guides:

GH1451, The Basics of Safe Canning

GH1452, Safe and Successful Home Canning

GH1454, How to Can Fresh Vegetables

GH1455, How to Can Fresh Fruit

GH1456, How to Can Fresh Tomato Products

GH1457, How to Pickle

GH1461, How to Can Sweet Spreads and Syrups

GH1490, How to Can Meat, Fish and Poultry

GH1501, Quality for Keeps: Freezing Basics

GH1502, How to Freeze Fruits

GH1503, Quality for Keeps: Freezing Vegetables

GH1504, Quality for Keeps: Freezing Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, and Dairy Products

GH1505, Quality for Keeps: Freezing Home-Prepared Foods

GH1506, Quality for Keeps: Freezer Problem Solver

GH1507, Quality for Keeps: Freezing Unusual Fruits and Vegetables

GH1562, Introducing Food Dehydration

GH1563, How to Dehydrate Foods

GH1564: How to Use Dehydrated Foods


Vegetable Planting Calendar: G6201


Vegetable Harvest and Storage: G6226


Starting Plants From Seeds: G6570


Frequently Asked Vegetable Questions: G6400


Gardening Calendar:


Fact Sheet:  Meat Product Labeling and Marketing - What do all those words really mean?


Food Labeling for Missouri Food Producers and Processors


Regulations for Selling Safe Canned Foods in Missouri


Sampling Safely at Farmers Markets