The Garden Spade is a monthly gardening publication of the University of Missouri Extension. View the current issue of the Garden Spade newsletter: http://extension.missouri.edu/butler/spade.aspx

Resource page to learn more about fruit and vegetable production, including budgets, in Missouri: http://crops.missouri.edu/horticulture/

Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowners Handbook (PDF)

Community gardens

This project aims to develop thriving community gardens throughout the region by improving existing gardens, creating new gardens and identifying ways for the region to share garden resources. It also aims to influence and enhance school environments by supporting teachers, schools, and districts who are working to implement policies related to physical activity and nutrition through a mini-grant process. Healthier MO academic and community partners will continue to work together to promote sustainable change in hopes of increasing healthy living within Southeast Missouri.

Horticulture articles

Sarah Denkler, University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialist, writes articles monthly for growers in southeast Missouri.