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    2020 Fertilizer and Soil Fertility School - Nutritional Deficiencies and Soil Testing Recommendations


    Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


    4125 Mitchell Ave, St Joseph MO map...


    Nearly 80% of Missouri’s 29 million acres are devoted to crop and rangeland. Agricultural cash receipts total about $4 billion annually, making agriculture one of the top two industries in Missouri. Nearly half of agricultural cash receipts come from crop sales, and receipts from animal sales depend heavily on the production of feed crops not counted in cash receipts. Studies have repeatedly documented that the influence of crop management practices on production costs and production levels are the main determinants of profitability. Improvements in crop management systems will enhance economic viability for most Missourians and not just those directly involved in agriculture.

    Because land use in Missouri is dominated by agriculture, crop management systems have a significant impact on the environment, especially on water quality. Missouri has some of the most erodible soils in the U.S., leading to sediment contamination of surface waters and loss of valuable topsoil. Improved crop management systems have led to reduced erosion rates over the past twenty years, but erosion rates are still higher than the rate of topsoil formation, and sediment is still one of the most serious sources of water quality impairment. Nutrients and pesticides originating from agriculture also can have negative impacts on water quality. Thus, improvements in crop management practices and systems are essential to sustaining a healthy environment.





    Wayne Flanary,
    MU Extension in Buchanan County
    phone: 660-446-3724

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