Plans and reports

2016 Callaway County Annual Report (pdf)

Do you want to know what the faculty and staff at the Callaway County Extension Center did in 2016? Take a look at all of the exciting programming that was offered to well over 4,000 individuals in the areas of personal finance, livestock, agriculture business, 4-H, nutrition, human development, business development and continuing education. Relevant, reliable and responsive education at your fingertips!! Thank you for relying on us to meet your educational needs.

2015 Callaway County Annual Report (pdf)

This is your opportunity to see all of the great and exciting programming the University of Missouri Extension is providing to the citizens of Callaway County in Agriculture, Human Environmental Sciences, 4-H, Community Development, and Business. When you support the University of Missouri, Callaway County benefits as well as the State of Missouri.

2014 Callaway County Annual Report (pdf)

The 2014 Annual Report highlights the many awesome programs and resources that Callaway Extension Center has available for our community.

2013 Callaway County Extension Annual Report (pdf)

Checkout our annual report and see what Extension has been up to this past year in Callaway County.

2012 Callaway County Extension Annual Report (pdf)

The 2012 report of all the exciting programs offered through MU Extension. Take a look and see what MU Extension has available for you.