Historical publications

For 100 years, MU Extension has adapted to bring relevant and reliable information to Missourians based on the state’s changing climate. Extension publications cover a wide range of topics — some topics that have changed greatly over the years, and some that are still requested today.  Some historical publications are listed below. You can browse all of our current publications at http://extension.missouri.edu/publications/

Buying Food and Planning Meals for Your Family (PDF) — undated

Canning in Glass by the Cold Pack Method (PDF) — June 1916

The Cold School Lunch (PDF) — July 1916

Making a Simple Wash Dress and Middy Blouse (PDF) — January 1919

Feeding the Baby, From the Weaning Period Thru the Second Year (PDF) — February 1920

How to Pad a Dress Form (PDF) — June 1920

Garment-Making Club (PDF) — July 1921

Corn Versus Oats for Work Mules (PDF) — July 1924

Cobblestone Construction for Farm Buildings (PDF) — December 1932

Farm Building Plans (PDF) — June 1933

How to Plant Small Trees (PDF) — April 1936

Built-In Bedroom Closets for the Farm Home (PDF) — August 1936

Feeding Stations and Shelters for Quail on Missouri Farms (PDF) — January 1937

Building With Rock (PDF) — January 1939

Unusual Meats: How to Prepare and Serve Them (PDF) — January 1943

Homemade Driers for Fruit and Vegetables (PDF) — May 1943

Care and Use of a Pressure Cooker (PDF) — May 1944

Homemade Rugs (PDF) — July 1944

Extension Teaching Methods (PDF) — August 1955

Eggs in Your Family Meals (PDF) — May 1957

Drying and Folding Tips (PDF) — January 1958

cover image: Missouri MixMissouri Mix (PDF) — April 1960
  Note that there is an updated version of this publication, GH1055, The New Missouri Mix

Buying Fruits and Vegetables (PDF) — 1963

Kitchen Utensils Buying Guide (PDF) — June 1963

The Money World of Your Pre-Teen-Ager (PDF) — November 1964

Capturing Solar Heat by Retrofitting Existing Homes (PDF) — July 1981

Balance Sheet: Most important farm financial management tool (PDF) — February 1982

Soil Productivity Indices and Soil Properties of Some Major Soil Series of the Missouri Ozarks (PDF) — approx. 1983

Adult Day Care: Will it Work for Your Community? (PDF) — April 1985

Why Development Projects Don't Work as Planned (PDF) — approx. 1987