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Ramon Arancibia

Ramon Arancibia
MU Extension in Bates County
1 N. Delaware, Courthouse
Butler, MO 64730
Phone: (660) 679-4167
Fax: (660) 679-4697

Counties served: Bates, Benton, Camden, Cedar, Dallas, Henry, Hickory, Laclede, Morgan, Polk, St. Clair, Vernon

Areas of work

Outreach programs to improve sustainable production of specialty crops.

Areas of expertise include plasticulture and protected production systems, micro-irrigation, plant nutrition, diseases of fruit and vegetables.


Professional background


Ph.D. Louisiana State University, Horticulture. 2003

M.S. Louisiana State University, Plant Health. 1993

Ing. Agr. University of Chile, Fruits trees &.berries. 1988



Associate Extension Professional- Field Specialist in Horticulture, MU Extension

Assistant Professor and Horticulture Extension Specialist. Virginia Tech.

Associate Research Professor.  Mississippi State University.

Assistant Research Professor. Mississippi State University.

Research Specialist II. University of the Virgin Islands.

Research Associate. Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.


Selected Publications

Acharya, T.P., M. Reiter, G.E. Welbaum, and R.A. Arancibia. 2020. Nitrogen requirement and use efficiency in sweet basil production under low tunnel. HortScience:

Acharya, T.P., G.E. Welbaum and R.A. Arancibia. 2019. Low tunnels reduce irrigation water needs and increase growth, yield, and water-use efficiency in Brussels sprouts production. HortScience 54:470-475

Gajanayake, B., K. R. Reddy, M. Shankle, and R.A. Arancibia. 2014. Growth, developmental, and physiological responses of two sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L. [Lam]) cultivars to early season soil moisture deficit. Scientia Horticulturae 168:218-228.

Arancibia, R.A., C.D. Smith, J.L. Main, D.R. La Bonte, T.P. Smith, and A.Q. Villordon. 2014. Optimizing sweetpotato production for fresh and processing markets through plant spacing and planting-harvest time. HortTechnology 24:16-24

Clark, C.A. W.L. da Silva, R.A. Arancibia, J.L. Main, J.R. Schultheis, Z. Pesic van-Esbroeck, and C. Jiang. 2013. Incidence of end rots and internal necrosis in sweetpotato is affected by cultivar, curing, and ethephon defoliation. HortTechnology 23:886-897.

Arancibia, R.A. and C.E. Motsenbocker. 2008. Differential watermelon fruit size distribution in response to plastic mulch and spunbonded polyester rowcover. HortTechnology 18:45-52

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Ramon Arancibia


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