Council district option

Effective August 28, 2013, county extension councils in Missouri have the option to form single-council or consolidated districts. This change to Missouri’s county extension laws, the first since 1961, was made to enable county extension councils to operate more efficiently and support extension operations and programs in their counties that directly affect the lives of Missouri residents. The district option law allows an extension district to seek funding through a property tax levy.

MU Extension District Option Manual (PDF) (110 pages)
Detailed document that guides councils through a four-phase process of exploring the district option and pursuing a tax levy (update coming)

District option brochure (PDF)
Overview of the district option for councils and stakeholders

Explanation of the MU Extension District Option (PDF)
Document for use in council member training

District option FAQ (PDF)
Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the district option

External sites mentioned

For your convenience, here is a condensed list of links to online sources cited in the manual.

Elections and voting

Campaign finance, ethics and transparency

The Missouri Ethics Commission website, , has many resources related to transparency in campaign finance:

Publicly available data

Filings with the Ethics Commission

Fundraising for campaigns

Mo. Secretary of State Election section
For rules about raising money for campaign materials and educating voters

The following online resources explain the basics of raising and managing money for a political campaign:

Internal pages mentioned

Council members’ role in stakeholder relations

Communicating with stakeholders

As districts are formed, we will post details on the council website about what counties have formed districts and which type of district they formed.

The MU Extension Donor Education office has many resources to help with communicating value, as does your county annual report.