Council leadership training

Leadership training for new council members supports the primary functions of county extension councils:

  • Educational program development and implementation
  • Governance
  • Membership

Training modules

Module 1: Orientation for new council members
An introduction to serving on county extension councils and to University of Missouri Extension's mission and organization

Module 2: Be an effective county council member
An overview of the characteristics and skills required to meet the statutory responsibilities of serving on the County Extension Council.

Module 3: Recruiting candidates for effective county councils
A how-to guide on meeting statutory obligations and developing a diverse, representative county extension council.

Module 4: Extension Council Youth Leadership

Provides seven topics to help county councils add youths (14 to 17 years) to their councils..

Module 5: County council elections
A comprehensive summary of conducting annual election in accordance with state statutes and providing opportunity for participation.

Module 6: County budgets and fiscal reports
An outline of state statutes governing the county extension council's fiscal obligations, as well as fiscal management and reporting requirements.

Module 7: Program development
Three modules exploring how the council participates in setting priorities, program implementation, and evaluating programs and reporting outcomes.

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