Council Manual Section 14:
University of Missouri Extension Important Dates in History

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1839 University of Missouri founded
1862 Morrill Act established land-grant universities
1870 University of Missouri become a land-grant institution

Missouri General Assembly passed legislation making the "College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts" a part of the University of Missouri

1887 Hatch Act established agricultural experiment stations
1890 Morrill Act 1890 - established 1890 land-grant institutions - the historically black land-grant institutions in 16 southern states
1900 The Department of Household Economics - became a part of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture
1907 Camps for farm boys started, followed by Corn Clubs for Missouri boys
1910 University of Missouri established Extension Division
1912 First county agent in Missouri
1913 Missouri law authorized county courts to appropriate funds for extension
1914 Smith-Lever Act established Cooperative Extension Service

Boys and girls club work began as regular part of cooperative extension - name "4-H Club" adopted in 1927

1915 Home economics extension work started, called home demonstration agents

Women's club in extension organized

1927 4-H Club name adopted - for use by existing boys and girls clubs
1960 Cooperative Extension and Extension Division combined
1961 Present Missouri statutes pertaining to extension adopted
1964 Civil rights act
1968 EFNEP - Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program started
1969 State organized into 22 program areas and staff specialization and multi-county programs began
1972 Extension appropriations authorized for 1890 land-grant colleges

Congress authorized federal funds for Cooperative Extension System rural development programs (1972 & 1980)

1973 Congress earmarked funds for 4-H programs in urban areas and for 4-H rural community development
1985 Congress made two significant amendments to the Smith-Lever Act:  (1) Definition of extension work was broadened to include specific mention of the "development of practical applications of research knowledge," in addition to instruction and demonstration, and (2) Congress authorized the federal partner, Extension System-USDA, to conduct educational program on its own initiative, supported by the secretary of agriculture.
1986 Strategic plan approved by University of Missouri Board of Curators
1988 Issues programming adopted by Extension Committee on Organization and Policy

NOTE:  Each new farm bill provides legislative mandates and direction.