Seven great reasons for councils to increase income

  1. Because you desire to be even more relevant, responsive and reliable in delivering MU Extension’s mission in the county. Extension’s mission is nothing less than a brighter future for the county and its people.
  1. Because you may experience financial adversity in the future. Although we hope for the best, financial droughts happen, and we’ve learned in recent years that the future is uncertain.
  1. To prepare for the unexpected. The extension council in Jasper County didn’t plan on a tornado in 2011, for example.
  1. So you aren’t just maintaining, you’re growing. A council can’t grow when all of its money is used to maintain existing resources. Don’t wait until you have no other choice. Build proactively. Money attracts money.
  1. To live your council’s dreams. Thriving beats just surviving.
  1. To be financially free. When you are, you can think long-term rather than month-to-month.
  1. So you can respond proactively to opportunities.

Director of Donor Education Cynthia Crawford in cooperation with Director of Development Cat and County Council Coordinator Tony DeLong, 2013.