Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Survey

We are conducting a business needs survey, and would like feedback from business owners and entrepreneurs. What we learn from this will help shape the programs and support we offer. The anonymous survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and is available online at    Please take the survey and share with others.

New Services Offered for Growing Companies

The Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MO SBTDC) have a unique set of services designed specifically to meet the needs of growing companies facing the challenges that accompany business success. Please read the Stage 2 Informational Sheet for a description of services.

Gardening is for All Seasons!

As the autumn leaves fall outdoors, so do leaves often fall from our houseplants that recently were moved back indoors after enjoying an outdoor respite over the summer.  Although this is a bit alarming to a plant enthusiast, the houseplants in question are not necessarily dying. Read this article for more information on Houseplant Acclimation. They are simply acclimatizing to life back indoors. There are also plenty of tasks needed to prepare for the fall and winter season. The November Gardening Calendar and December Gardening Calendar will keep you on top of everything you need.  If you have any question just give us a call.

Soil Testing for Healthy Lawns and Gardens 

The soil test is an excellent gauge of soil fertility.   It is an inexpensive way to maintain good plant health and maximum productivity without polluting the environment by over applications of nutrients. For more information on this topic click HERE.

Interpreting Your Soil Test Results for Lawn and Gardens

Once the soil test is conducted and the results are available, the ability to interpret the results is an important consideration in correcting a deficiency or imbalance.  For mor information on how to interpret your test click HERE.

Franklin County 4-H News

October 2016 (PDF)  Updated!
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