Human resources

Hiring process

  1. Hiring procedures
    1. Academic positions (includes international hires)
    2. Staff positions
    3. Temporary positions
    4. Student positions
  2. Processing a new employee
    1. New employee orientation and training
  3. Orientation and training
    1. HR training presentations
  4. Compensation and time off
    1. Compensation
    2. Time off and leave
  5. Benefits
    1. Statutory benefits (Unemployment, Social Security, Medicare, Workers Compensation)
    2. Insurance
    3. Retirement
    4. Other benefits (wellness, tuition, service, employee assistance)
    5. Additional benefits available to non-benefit eligible employees
  6. Position classification and reclassification
  7. Performance evaluation
  8. Fair Employment Practices (employment discrimination and harassment, Title IX)
    1. Laws and regulations
  9. Discipline
  10. Dispute resolution (mediation, grievance resolution)
  11. Separation (common issues, layoff, termination, resignation, retirement)

Tools and forms