Building Bridges 

Fostering Caring Connections Between Young And Old

Building Bridges is a community-based intergenerational program to help bring generations together for meaningful interactions and experiences.  
With strong community collaboration, 54 schools, nursing homes, youth groups, senior citizen centers, organizations, and a church participated in the program and more than 2,500 children, youth, seniors, and home bound and frail seniors were reached. 
Education, friendship, and caring are major components.  According to the program evaluations, Building Bridges not only helped promote empathy, sensitivity, caring, respect, and appreciation for the elderly, rich cultures and histories, but also provide opportunities for sharing, learning, and connecting between young and old.  
The following is a list of projects:
Aging Awareness
Pen Pals
Living History
Caring for Seniors
Intergenerational Science
Intergenerational Arts
Intergenerational Internet
Intergenerational Fitness
Cultural Exchange
Intergenerational Reading
Sharing & Learning

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