Community Decision Support

Using a variety of tools, Community Decision Support enhances local capacity to make sound policy choices. Tools include economic models, demographic analysis, Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping, and fiscal impact tools.

Data tools to support community decisions:

  • CARES — Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems
  • Community Commons
  • CPAC — Community Policy Analysis Center
  • OSEDA — Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
  • PPRC — Public Policy Research Center
Community Planning

Groups, organizations and communities develop a vision, identify priorities, develop an action agenda, and successfully develop and implement programs and projects. Find a specialist in your area who can help.

Community Development Academy

The series of three courses combines leading-edge thinking with practical application to enhance the capacity of people to work effectively with a broad range of community issues. Each five-day course is an intensive, experiential experience that explores ideas and develops practical skills.

About the Community Development Program

MU Extension helps people create communities of the future. Community development education helps citizens tap into local strengths and university resources. Read about impacts the program has had on Missouri communities.



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