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New June 2012

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AED60, Cattle Feeding Buildings in the Midwest

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Cattle Feeding Buildings in the Midwest

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Grow Eat Grow Don Jones (retired), Ron Lemenager, and Ken Foster
Purdue University
Beth Doran, Russ Euken, and Shawn Shouse
Extension field specialists
Iowa State University

With the availability of ethanol byproducts and the advent of large affordable buildings, both of which can lower feed prices and minimize environmental issues, some Midwestern farmers are considering large-scale feeding of beef cattle.

This publication focuses on information to help cattlemen make decisions about building-construction options such as monoslope versus gable roof, bedded versus concrete slats, and other options.


  • Cattle feeding buildings
  • Ethanol byproducts
  • Layout
  • Orientation
  • Bedding
  • Manure handling


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