Reviewed March 2006

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CB14, Child Care and the Work Place: An Employer Tool Kit

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Child Care and the Work Place: An Employer Tool Kit

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Child Care and the Work PlaceSara Gable
Human Development and Family Studies Specialist

In today's competitive marketplace, companies have to work harder to attract and retain the talent they need to succeed. Many companies now function in a 24-hour global economy and employ workers for non-traditional work schedules. At the same time, employees struggle to balance the demands of work and family and may not be able to fully attend to their jobs. To successfully manage these challenges, employers are addressing child care issues and are learning that it's good business to invest in child care.

Child Care and The Work Place (41 pages) is a Tool Kit of the options available to employers. The kit is designed to address the unique needs of individual employers and their employees. It covers a variety of options for supporting employees' child care needs.

Each section contains an overview and description of the option, benefits and considerations, cost estimates, and strategies for implementation. A separate resource section is included to assist employers with locating relevant information. Employers may use the materials on their own or seek consultation from

  • MU Extension
  • Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network

Whichever strategy employers select, striving to meet employees' child care needs is a winning move.


  • Information (work site seminars)
  • Work place policies (flexible work schedules, time-off and leave policies)
  • Financial support (dependent care assistance programs, reimbursement programs)
  • Child care services (on-site centers, community child care consortiums)
  • Reduce turnover
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Improve recruitment and community relations
  • Increase productivity


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CB14 Child Care and the Work Place: An Employer Tool Kit | University of Missouri Extension