Reviewed October 1993

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CB9, Balancing Work and Family

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Balancing Work and Family

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Marty Baker, Anne Deaton and Mary Gray
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Gail R. Carlson
Department of Health Related Professions
Janet A. Clark
College of Human Environmental Sciences
Jeanne Morrison
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Dayna Glanz
University Student Health Center

Less than 10 percent of U.S. families consist of a working father and a mother at home full-time caring for the children. Many statistics indicate that the work force often contains both parents. This folder contains six publications that address how employers can ease their employees' lives.


  • Issues of today's changing work force
    • Family statistics
    • Consequences of working parents
    • Actions employers can take
  • Innovative scheduling helps working families
    • Alternatives to 8-to-5 jobs
    • Flextime
    • Compressed workweeks
    • V-time
    • Peak-time
    • Job sharing
    • Worksharing
  • Child care support brings productivityup
    • Child care increases morale and productivity
    • Child care options open to employers
  • Flexible benefit fundamentals
    • What benefits can be included
    • How to devise a plan for employees
  • Promote good health with worksite wellness
    • Educational, environmental and organizational activities
  • Elder care policies help businesses and families
    • Stress caused by caring for elderly family members


  • Folder containing six publications

CB9 Balancing Work and Family | University of Missouri Extension