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Revised June 2008

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Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees

Green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Large trees

Green ash

  • Maximum height
    60 feet
  • Relative growth rate
  • Freedom from insect pests
  • Freedom from disease problems
  • Resistance to storm damage
  • Will grow on poorly drained soil
  • Will grow in hot, dry areas
  • Easy to transplant
  • Withstands city conditions

Green ash is a vigorous tree while young. It develops a broad crown at maturity. The leaves turn a bright yellow in fall but do not remain on the tree long enough to be effective. It is drought resistant and will grow on a wide variety of soil types. A borer insect can be a serious pest of green ash while it is becoming established. Seedlings of green ash can be a problem in flower beds and untended areas. Therefore, it is advisable to plant a seedless varieties such as 'Marshall's Seedless' instead of the standard ones.

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