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Reviewed May 2017

MX1904C6, Horn Fly Trap Blueprint

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Horn Fly Trap Blueprint

Editor's note
The following abstract describes a downloadable PDF. Please see the link to the PDF file. The PDF is 50 percent the size of the original blueprint.

This plan provides construction details to build a walk through fly trap for cattle. The frame is shown to be constructed using CCA treated lumber but a steel frame can be substituted.


  • Haematobia irritans
  • Pest of pasture and range cattle
  • Insecticide-impregnated ear tags
  • Congregate on backs of cattle
  • Cluster on midline
  • Spread down sides
  • Settle around bases of horns
  • Walk-through system
  • Willis Bruce
  • Inverted cone principle
  • Dislodge horn flies


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