Reviewed October 1993

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UED46, Handbook for Planning Commissioners in Missouri

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Handbook for Planning Commissioners in Missouri

Editor's note
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Richard R. Dohm
Department of Political Science

How does land planning work in Missouri? This handbook explains the role of the citizen planning commissioner and how the process works under Missouri law. Planning and plan implementation, including zoning and subdivision regulations, are explained and new developments examined. A summary of planning laws (city, county and township) is included, as well as a glossary of terms.


  • Planning
  • Zoning
  • Subdivision regulations
  • Building codes
  • Code enforcement
  • Comprehensive plan
  • Condemnation or eminent domain
  • Conditional use
  • Variance
  • Land use plan
  • Performance standards
  • Planned Unit Development
  • PUD
  • Police powers
  • Spot and strip zoning


  • 46

UED46 Handbook for Planning Commissioners in Missouri | University of Missouri Extension