Reviewed October 1993

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WQ11, University Extension: Cooperative Extension Service and Water Quality Education

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University Extension: Cooperative Extension Service and Water Quality Education

Daryl Buchholz
Department of Agronomy

The Cooperative Extension Service (CES) is a special partnership of federal state and local organizations. CES is a branch of the United States Department of Agriculture. People working with CES in Missouri are employed by MU Extension and are located in each county. MU Extension has six program areas:

Extension programs

MU Extension and groundwater quality in agriculture

Education is the basic mission of MU Extension. MU Extension develops and delivers educational programs about groundwater issues in its four program areas. These areas include:

  • Nature of groundwater,
  • Importance of groundwater,
  • Areas where groundwater could be contaminated,
  • Safe use of agricultural chemicals,
  • Irrigation management,
  • Animal waste disposal,
  • Household hazardous wastes, and
  • Management practices for plant nutrients and agricultural chemicals.

When should you contact MU Extension?

  • If you need training for a private or commercial pesticide applicator in Missouri, contact your local MU Extension center. Or contact
    • Wayne Bailey
      IPM/PAT Coordinator
      214 Waters Hall
      Office 573-882-2838
      Cell 573-864-9905

Although the Missouri Department of Agriculture is the licensing agency in the state, MU Extension does the training.

  • If you have questions about tillage systems and management practices that will conserve soil and water resources.
  • If you need information on proper use of irrigation water or animal waste disposal.
  • If you have questions on proper pesticide or mineral nutrient management to preserve groundwater quality.
This publication was written by Karen DeFelice, former associate extension agronomist; Nyle Wollenhaupt, former state extension agronomist; and Daryl Buchholz, state extension agronomist. This material is based upon work supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, Extension Service, under special project number 89-EWQI-1-9203.

WQ11 University Extension: Cooperative Extension Service and Water Quality Education | University of Missouri Extension