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CB1, Revised January 2015

Agricultural Guide Book: Guides G100 to G9999 (three binders)

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The following abstract describes a publication that is only available for purchase. A link to ordering information is on this page.
Agricultural Guide Book table of contents (PDF)

The Agriculture Guide Book includes all publications in the Agricultural Guide series that have been printed. Many guides created or revised since 2009 have not been printed but are available online as a Web page, a PDF or both.

In the past, University of Missouri Extension offered subscriptions to the Agricultural Guide series. Due to changes in how readers use our publications, we seldom print guides anymore, so we discontinued the subscription service in January 2015.


The table of contents linked to above was updated in January 2016. An updated table of contents will be posted every January. In addition, a list of new, revised and discontinued guides will be maintained on this page.

To update your binders, go to each publication's page listed below and print the PDF or order a printed copy, if available and desired. The publications marked with (P) are available in print as well as online and can be ordered from our store or from the individual publication's page.

Please discard old versions of guides that have been revised or discontinued, as recommendations may have changed.

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