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MP651, Revised December 2014

Midwest Tree Fruit Spray Guide

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Missouri State University
Maciej Pszczolkowski, Integrated Pest Management
J. Avery and M. Kaps, Horticulture
L. Kovacs, Plant Pathology

Revised annually, this guide provides spraying schedules for insect and disease pests of apple, pear, cherry, peach and plum trees. You will find safety tips, hints for figuring chemical application rates, and discussions about most pests that attack Missouri fruit trees.

The guide's reference format facilitates locating specific fruit and disease information quickly. Each entry includes chemical material, rate per 100 gallon, rate per acre and comments for each pest/problem.

Forms for recording pesticide use as well as tables showing insecticide use restrictions, harvest restrictions and chemical compatibilities are included for safe and successful spraying. Illustrations detail the nine floral development stages of fruit blossoms and the critical temperatures for flower bud kill at each stage.

Other spraying applications covered in this guide include growth regulators, chemical thinning of apples and chemical weed control.

Missouri law now requires all commercial and private chemical applicators to attend training programs, which MU Extension offers.



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