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Link to skin cancerRemember the sunscreen

Adults can enhance children's development while building a store of great memories by planning fun and stimulating summer activities. Read more

Summer jobs

Parents should be aware of safety concerns, laws for teens working their first summer jobs. Read more

We all scream

Cranking a safe freezer of homemade ice cream. Read more

Storing food in the freezer

Freezing is the best way to preserve the fresh-like qualities of food. Read more

Link to jam and jelly Jam and jelly basics
Tempt your tastebuds with natural sweets. Read more

Most Missouri snakes are harmless

With the warmer summer weather, homeowners mowing their lawn or weeding the garden may find a snake. Read more

Watering the lawn

As much as 80 percent of the water used around the home during summer is for outside uses. Watering the lawn is the main outside water use. During dry summers, local water authorities may cut off water for outside use or only allow watering on certain days. Both measures are necessary and effective means to reduce water consumption and relieve the strain on city water supplies. Read more

Stay active without succumbing to heat

Missouri's summertime combination of high heat and dripping humidity can deter even the most ardent devotee of fitness and prompt them to seek the coolness of indoor air-conditioning. Read more

Link to poison ivy Leaves of three

Although poison ivy is easily identified and should be avoided, countless people experience an uncomfortable introduction to the species. Read more

Weatherstripping your windows

Don't let cool air escape from your home in the summer and don't let those north winds invade your home in the winter. Read more

Cool your home

Window or attic fans exhaust warm air and bring in fresh outside air through doors and windows. Read more



Refreshing ideas to hep you quench summer thirst. Read more

Link to building a compost bin Compost bins

Compost is partially decomposed organic matter. Read more

Link to chiggersChigger basics

A chigger is the parasitic larval stage of a common mite in the genus Trombicula. Several species of chiggers exist in the United States, but Trombicula alfreddugesi is most commonly encountered. Read more

Road food Road food

Summer often includes travel as families head off on vacation. Whether traveling by plane, train or car, leaving food choices to chance can mean paying a high price in terms of health as well as cash. Read more

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