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Communications and marketing

Building MU Extension together

MU Extension Communications and Marketing, along with you, is part of the crew that is building extension in Missouri. We can help you with your communications and marketing efforts in numerous, varied ways. See our available services page.

How we get our message across is often as important as the message itself. The Communications and Marketing team brings experience and expertise to help you find and reach your audience and craft your message so that it will motivate your customers to take action.

Writing style, images, typography, slogans, photography and design all contribute to an overall look and tone that our audiences come to recognize. This involves much more than the use of our logo. We can help you be consistent across a wide range of materials. Paired with the customer’s experience with your program, this is what we call branding. The MU Extension brand reflects our 100-year history of responding to Missourians’ needs with relevant, reliable research-based solutions.

Our team will collaborate with you — from conception to production — to develop learning materials, news or informational pieces that are consistent with the overall image and brand of MU Extension — communication that will educate and inspire Missourians.

In print and online, through writing, photography, video and audio, we can help you bring research-based information from the University of Missouri to your audiences.


New graphic identity standards


MU Extension has produced MU Extension Graphic Identity Standards, a guide that will help us all follow best practices of visual identity. Visual identity is a major contributor to brand promise — the promise of what MU Extension can do for our clients and a visual reminder of their experiences with us.

Please download the PDF of this document and follow the guidelines. Hyperlinks within the PDF will connect you to many helpful resources and downloads.