Program promotion templates

Templates promoting specific programs and activities may be downloaded for use by county, campus and system offices.

Research poster templates

Templates for research posters are designed in accordance with University of Missouri Extension's graphic standards and may be downloaded and  for use by county, campus and system offices. — Instructions for research poster use (PDF)

MU Extension templates

Templates designed in accordance with University of Missouri Extension's graphic standards may be downloaded for use in county, campus and system offices.

PowerPoint presentation templates (available in standard and wide-screen formats)

More PowerPoint templates available on the Event templates and kits page.










Media relations templates

Often-needed office templates

Logo embroidery and screen printing

To protect the MU brand, choose a vendor who has obtained a license through the Collegiate Licensing Company for embroidery and screen printing. Use this list of approved Missouri retailers: MU licensees


MU Extension logos for printing

Print logos are high-resolution, two-color, scalable images for use in printed materials created in various software programs. These are not intended for use on webpages.

Download Instructions:

  1. Right-click on link and choose "save as."
  2. Choose download location and click "OK."
  3. From hard drive, double-click on file name to unzip.

Black horizontal:

High-resolution JPG: MUExt-logo-BW_horiz.jpg

Black vertical:

High-resolution JPG: MUExt-logo_BW_vert.jpg

Color horizontal:

High-resolution JPG: MUExt-logo_4C_horiz.jpg

Color vertical:

High-resolution JPG: MUExt-logo_4C_vert.jpg

Color with transparent background:

Use this .PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file when you want to place the MU Extension logo on a background with a light color. This logo is suitable for print. Do NOT place the MU Extension logo over a photo or image.

Color with transparent background  MUExt-logo_rgb_horiz.png


MU Extension logo for webpages and presentations

The web logo is a two-color, scalable image for use on web pages or as a graphic on various software platforms including PowerPoint, Word and Publisher. It has a transparent background that is designed to work with an existing background on your web pages or documents. Do NOT place the MU Extension logo over a photo or image.

Download the web logo:  MUExt-logo_rgb_horiz.png

Download Instructions:

  1. Right-click on the link above, and choose "save as."
  2. Choose a download location, and click "OK."
  3. From the download location on the hard drive, double-click on file to unzip.

County center identification signs

New MU Extension county center signatures (or logos) are part of a coordinated identity that visually connects MU Extension in all Missouri counties with the rest of MU. Signage graphics files have been developed for each county — one vertical format and one horizontal format.

Download the files. Please note that the .eps files may not be viewable on your computer, but they are the correct file type that your sign vendor will need.

You do not need to replace your current signage with the new MU Extension logo unless a sign is worn and needs to be replaced.

If you have questions, please call MU Extension Communications and Marketing, 573-882-3967.

Example graphics:



Social media templates

MU Extension Communications and Marketing provides profile photos, cover photos and social media banners. To get a personalized Facebook or Twitter profile photo, contact Laura Lindsey at lindseylau@missouri.edu.

Profile picture

MU Extension profile picture (JPG)

Cover or header photos


Extension collage #1 (JPG)                                       Extension collage #2 (JPG)

All Things Missouri (JPG)

Tractor Facebook cover photo           Collage
Tractor - practical education design  (JPG)              Extension collage #3 (JPG)          

Circles horse Facebook cover image           Circle horse design with black bar
Circle design with horse and old tractor (JPG)        Circle design with horse with black bar (JPG)

Nutrition Facebook photo           Nutrition design with black bar
Nutrition with circle design (JPG)                             Nutrition with circle design with black bar(JPG)          

Live. And Learn. with Truman series

Truman with a rake and extension hat (JPG)           Truman with garden journal (JPG)          

Truman reading (JPG)                                             Truman cooking (JPG)

Truman with sign (JPG)