Writing well speaks volumes

When the only means of communication is the written word, we must remember that how we write can say as much about our message as what we write. The importance of good writing skills cannot be underestimated, especially in our profession when the written word is often the first impression that we make.

Keep these points in mind every time you write and every time you expect others to clearly understand what you mean.

Make your writing . . .

Interesting Keep in mind sentence variety and style.

Concise Write what you want to say and “boil it down” to the essentials.

Correct Grammar and spelling say as much about you as what you say.

Considerate Be sensitive to gender, ethnicity and your readers’ level of understanding.

Clear Avoid confusing and “inflated” words.

Say what you mean

Never assume.

Proofread, wait an hour or day, proofread again.