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Using the MU Libraries Services

MU Libraries home page

Library Services for Off-Campus Extension Personnel

Books can be borrowed through interlibrary loan and then picked up at your nearest network library. 

Detailed instructions for requesting books  (This is the Distance Learners page, but the steps are the same for off-campus faculty.)

Important note:  Off-campus faculty must always choose MERLIN as your cluster because that is our cluster for MU; you are affiliated with the MERLIN cluster. When the screen prompts your to choose a pick up location, you need to choose the cluster/library where you want the book delivered. Generally, books are not mailed within the state of Missouri because most county offices are within a  30 minute drive of a MOBIUS Library. But, there are portions of the state, especially in the far northwest corner where that is not the case. And for books not owned by any MOBIUS library that are borrowed on Interlibrary loan, they must be mailed.  The exception to this is if the books are designated by the lender as “Library Use Only” in which case they cannot be shipped.  The MU Inter Library Loan desk department will only know that upon receiving the items.

Use this map to find the location nearest to you for picking up books

For additional assistance locating resources, check the subject guides and contact the subject-area librarian listed. 

If you need assistance with MU Library services or resources, contact June DeWeese, Head of Access Services, Ellis library or (573) 882-7315.