We believe that all the citizens in Missouri have a right to equal services and employment with University of Missouri Extension. We comply with all federal and state laws, and it is our goal to have a mutually accepting workplace that is welcoming to all.

The purpose of this site is to provide some tools and resources for ensuring equal opportunity for all.help people by providing information about Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity and diversity in University of Missouri Extension.

University policies and procedures

Collected rules and regulations

Tools for practicing diversity

Fragrance-free environment

Inclusive Reflections in the Workplace in Lieu of Prayer 

MU Guide to Religions

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

Diversity toolboxTools for faculty and staff in presenting and discussing diversity issues

Diversity reportsReport summaries and statistics concerning diversity in MU Extension

Vice Provost Diversity Award

Diversity initiatives and implementation

MU Chancellor's Diversity Initiative Office

Diversity strategic plan (PDF)MU Extension and LU Cooperative Extension's organizational strategic plan for diversity

Executive Order #42 (PDF) - Evaluation of the Ability to Work from Chancellor's Office

CASD Change Agent States for Diversity National Project

2016 diversity and inclusion learning opportunities

Diversity & Inclusion Core Concepts Series

Diversity and inclusion are labels used to express complex, multi-faceted organizational strategies, goals, and values. The purpose of this series is to provide faculty and staff with a foundational understanding of some core concepts related to enhancing diversity and inclusion on our campus.

For information and registration visit: http://cdi.missouri.edu/programs-services/coreconceptsseries/index.php

Let’s Talk about Race

This series is meant for people who seek to develop a better understanding of the complex nature of race and the racial issues that plague our campus, our communities, and our country. The purpose of this series is to provide foundational knowledge related to the concept of race, the challenges of interracial dialogues, and systemic racism. With this foundational knowledge, participants will be better prepared to engage in meaningful dialogues about the issues that we collectively face and to forge pathways to building a stronger, more inclusive campus community and society.

For information and registration visit: http://cdi.missouri.edu/programs-services/talkingaboutrace/

Workplace Diversity Series Spring Calendar

Workplace Diversity Series, Spring 2018

Diversity 101 online course for faculty and staff

Diversity 101 for University of Missouri System Campuses

Diversity catalyst team

Diversity Catalyst Team in Missouri  Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and University of Missouri Extension have re-established the Diversity Catalyst Team in efforts to create a multicultural organization. These exceptional individuals should embrace diversity and pluralism and have the willingness to carry out the Catalyst Team purpose.

Diversity Catalyst Team Members (PDF)

Diversity Catalyst Team Member Application (DOC)