Continuing Education

University of Missouri Extension works with funding partners to strengthen the economic viability of Missouri and sustain the environment through educational programs and resources.

The grants listed below may cover more than year.  The budget figures are the total amount awarded to that grant to date.

Methamphetamine Health and Safety Training

Mo Dept of Natural Resources
8/5/2011- 7/31/2014
Project Director: Kevin Zumwalt

Extension's Fire and Rescue Training Institute will provide training and consulting services on the topic of methamphetamine health and safety to educate law enforcement officers on the identification, management, disposal, and safety concerns of clandestine drug lab chemicals.

Adult Education and Literacy Services

Mo Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education
7/1/2013 - 6/30/2014
Project Director: Allan St. John

The Missouri Training Institute will provide a variety of high quality professional development activities for AEL (Adult Education and Literacy) directors, teachers and staff in order that they may become more effective educators of adults

Nurse Education, Practice and Retention

Health Resources and Services Administration
Project Director: Shirley Farrah

Nursing leadership is a key element in high vs. low-performing nursing homes.  Extension's Nursing Program will develop, implement and evaluate the MU Leadership Development Academy for Registered Nurses in Long-Term Care.  The goal is to improve staff performance, increase staff retention at all levels, encourage a higher quality of care for residents, and improve the bottom line for the facility.

Fire and Arson Investigation

US Dept of Homeland Security
7/8/2013 - 7/7/2014
Project Director: David Hedrick

The objective of the project is to decrease the number of fires that have an undetermined fire cause by 50% and increase arson criminal investigations and prosecutions by 10% through improved fire cause determination and investigation techniques by developing adequately trained firefighters in each department across the state.

OHS Training 2012

Mo Dept of Public Safety
Project Director: David Hedrick

The Fire Rescue Training Institute will conduct Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue courses for emergency personnel in Missouri.

Emergency Responder Training

Mo Dept of Transportation
10/01/2012 - 9/30/2013
Project Director: David Hedrick

MU Extension's Fire and Rescue Training Institute will schedule training courses on emergency vehicle safety, traffic control for first responders, and vehicle rescue for technician. The courses will be offered to fire and rescue organizations within Missouri.

FY13 NFA State Fire Training Systems Grant

U.S. Dept of Homeland Security
9/30/2013 - 9/29/2014
Project Director: David Hedrick

This grant will support the activities related to the delivery of NFA Hand-Off Courses and Endorsement Courses to the firefighters and fire departments of the State of Missouri to provide them with the necessary training and education to competently perform their duties of protecting
life and property.

Enhanced Leadership Development Academy

Mo Dept of Health and Senior Svs
7/1/2012 -11/30/2013
Project Director: Shirley Farrah

MU's Nursing Extension Program will provide the Enhanced Leadership Development Academy to those registered nurses working in Missouri's nursing homes.  The goal of the academy is to strengthen the leadership capacity, improve nurse retention and quality of care in long term care facilities. 

Emergency Field Guide for First Responder Electrical Vehicle Training Program

National Fire Protection Association
11/21/2012 - 11/20/2013
Project Director: David Hedrick

Extension's Fire and Rescue Training Institute will develop a prototype database for an Emergency Response Field Guide, available in both print and electronic form.  The focus of the guide will be on production models of Electric Drive Vehicles.