Grants and contracts

University of Missouri Extension works with public and private agencies and organizations to develop and administer educational initiatives that address specific needs and common goals through grants and contracts. These agencies and organizations share University of Missouri Extension's goal of improving the quality of life for the people of Missouri.

The grants listed below may cover more than a year. The budget figures are the total amount awarded to that grant to date.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources —  $2,587,023

  • Missouri AgrAbility Program
  • Identification and Management of Alleles Impairing Heifer Fertility While Optimizing Genetic Gain in Angus Cattle
  • University of Mo Agriculture Extension - MDNR Watershed
  • Missouri Integrated Pest Management Program
  • Validate, Improve and Regionalize Phosphorus Indices to Reduce P Loss Across the Heartland Region
  • Translational Genomic for Improving Sow Reproductive Longevity
  • 2015 - 2016 Missouri State Plan of Work (SARE)
  • Strategic Alliance Agreement MOU with AWS
  • Soybean Extension
  • Statewide Study on High Oleic (HO) Soybeans, HO Meal, and HO Oil
  • Mo Soybean Branded Seed Proposal
  • Non-GMO Milk Steering Feasibility Study
  • Factors Affecting Adoption of Nutrient Management Practice
  • MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic
  • MU Certified Strip Trial Initiative
  • Strategic Information Portal for Environmental Risk Management
  • Preventing and Responding to Future Disease Outbreak
  • Mo-REAP
  • Modernization of Missouri PSEP to Achieve Enhanced Competition
  • Integration of Soil Water Holding Capacity Database into Extension Irrigation Phone App and Education to Increase Adoption of the App by Farmers
  • Use of Irrigation on Pasture-Based Dairies to Determine Forage and Irrigation Type Efficiencies
  • USB Multi-state Herbicide  Resistant Crops and Weeds
  • Automated Design Storm Notification System
  • Missouri Green Fields Initiative
  • Maintenance and Enhancement of the National Nutrient Management Data Download Website (Missouri Clipper) and National Setbacks Database
  • Conservation Grazing Economic Analysis

Business and Industry — $5,641,298

  • Mo Small Business Technology Development Centers
  • Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center
  • Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  • Entrepreneurial Programs
  • SBTDC Portability - St. Louis
  • University of Missouri Extension Pollution Prevention Program
  • Take Control of Your Finances Workshops
  • FHWA Regional Surface Transportation
  • Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity Grant
  • Missouri E&T SNAP Education

Community Development — $1,122,021

  • Consolidated Educational Analysis and Support
  • Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Strategies Network
  • On-Farm and Ranch Education for New and Beginning Latino Producers in Missouri
  • Missouri Value-Added Grant Program
  • Missouri Healthnet Data Project
  • Missouri State Census Data
  • The Missouri Health Professions Workforce Data Center
  • Implementing a Community-Based Model for Delivery of Preventive Services in Rural Counties
  • Stronger Economies Together
  • ACT Missouri Parent Survey
  • Fostering Planning for the Role of Governmental Public Health
  • Kids Count
  • Parks Come Alive
  • St. Louis Storytelling Festival
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Data Analysis
  • Storytelling to Engage and Develop Community and Tourism

Continuing Education — $1,404,214

  • Adult Education and Literacy Services
  • Safety Training for Emergency Responders
  • Enhanced Leadership Development Academy
  • Healthcare Associated Infection Education Statewide Training
  • Healthcare Associated Infection Education
  • Technical Rescue Training Prop and Support Equipment
  • Methamphetamine Health and Safety Training
  • FY17 Food and Nutrition Services Summer Workshop
  • FY17 Interface Conference
  • SEMA Annual Training Contract FY16
  • Emergency Responder Training
  • FY16 NFA State Fire Training Systems Grant
  • Safe Alternative Fuel Deployment in Mid-America
  • FM Global Fire Prevention
  • Advanced Practice Assessment and Skills Course
  • LP Gas Training
  • SEMA Annual Training Contract

Human Environmental Sciences — $13,271,969

  • Family Nutrition Education Program
  • Show Me Healthy Marriages and Relationships
  • Healthy Homes Partnership
  • Mo Council for Activity and Nutrition
  • Quality Control Technical Assistance SNAP Education
  • Home Works -- Maintaining Your Housing Investment
  • NEFE HS Financial Planning
  • Administrative Review and Training Program
  • Voices for Food
  • Health Insurance Education Initiative
  • USDA Approved Meal Menu
  • Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Eat Smart / Move Smart
  • Actions to Prevent Chronic Disease Child Care
  • WiseWoman Lifestyle Education Intervention
  • SNAP And EFNEP:  Regional Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention
  • Clergy Financial Well-being
  • 21st Century Management:  Enhancing Educational Programming

Youth and 4-H — $2,911,838

  • Advancing Systems Change for Afterschool & Expanded Learning
  • Missouri Afterschool Network
  • KC 21st Century Community Learning
  • University of Mo 4-H Youth Futures
  • Missouri Geographic Alliance
  • 4-H National Mentoring Program
  • Ag Innovators Experience
  • Missouri 4-H Commodity Carnival


Grant and contract total   —  $26,938,363

Updated July 2016