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This information does not apply to field faculty or staff who are being reimbursed from county-held funds.

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New employee or employee-transfer moving expenses have a few options in being set up and paid.  Below are your options and you can refer to the Moving Expense Quick Reference Guide for more details on the T&E system for moving and policy.

  • If you use a University contracted moving company, your fiscal contact should be able to get you set up for it to be paid directly with a University purchasing card.
  • If you use a non-contracted moving company, it can still be paid directly through a purchase order.  Please contact your fiscal person to start that process, which must be done before you move.
  • If you are covering all of the expenses yourself, the reimbursement will go through the T&E system.  Tip: Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement Request and Summary Form will need your supervisor’s signature as well as your own.

Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement Request and Summary