For faculty and staff

Helpful tips for travel card application and processing

Old paper forms for travel cards should be discarded. The application is available electronically in MyHR

First page of the application

  • The four boxes above the cardholder signature line must be initialed. Check marks or “X” are not acceptable.
  • The cardholder signature and date must be original in blue or black ink, not scanned.
  • Below the cardholder signature, the manager (supervisor or unit fiscal contact) will need to sign and date in blue or black ink.
  • The manager’s name should be printed below their signature.
  • After the cardholder and manager sign, the form should be mailed to Karin Burgess. She will request the final signature needed (Callie Glascock) and forward to Accounting.

Second page

  • The cardholder’s social security number is entered in the first red box.
  • The mother’s maiden name/password is entered in the second red box.
  • The cardholder must sign and date in blue or black ink.
  • Do not sign the bottom Program Administrator/Approver signature box. Accounting signs here.