Leadership development

The following are programs available for extension personnel to develop their leadership skills for enhancing their role in MU Extension.

CDA – Community Development Academy
An intensive, experiential, five-day course (for noncredit or for three hours undergraduate or graduate credit), which explores ideas and develops practical skills for effectively involving and empowering local citizens and leaders in community-based efforts. Offered by MU Extension Community Development.

MELD – Missouri Extension Leadership Development
A 16-month program for 20 faculty or administrative participants selected through an application process. Participants meet 5 times for 4-day workshops to enhance their leadership skills.

NC NELD – North Central Extension Leadership Development
National Extension leadership training for participants selected by their administrators. Check with your regional director or campus program director for more information on participating. Participant application forms for 2018 are due by August 11, 2017 to your supervisor; and forwarded from the supervisor to Megan Martin by August 18, 2017: 2018 NELD Application (DOCX)

Paid development leave
MU Extension staff may apply for development leave per policy HR 406. Check with your director or supervisor to discuss a plan for participating. See resources and guidelines below.

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