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Here are starting points for becoming familiar with the University of Missouri

University of Missouri System
   Links to all the campus websites, board of curators, history of the university, economic development impacts and more

University of Missouri (Columbia)

The origins of extension and land-grant universities

Video: The Morrill Act and Today's Land-Grant University, narrated by Tom Henderson, retired MU Extension Busines and Industry Director

The Extension Professionals' Creed

MU Extension

Your community and region

An important element of starting a new job is to learn about your region, county and community (you've got to know the territory). Here are some links that will assist you in that process:

Statewide resources

OSEDA (University of Missouri Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis)
OSEDA houses Missouri census data and has developed regional profiles highlighting important demographic facts and trends.
  - Regional profiles
  - County data summaries and narratives