New employee orientation

Orientation includes a day on campus and an online course.  These will introduce you to the MU campus, MU Extension organization and culture, and resources and information on processes and procedures that will help you be a successful employee.  Orientation is offered the second Wednesday of each month.  You are encouraged to attend Orientation as soon as possible after you begin your new employment with us.

Support team
Each new faculty should have a support team comprised of the following:

  • Regional director - supervisor and responsible for the overall orientation
  • Orientation coordinator - provide welcome and follow-up support
  • Program director - provides leadership for the statewide program
  • Regional mentor - resource and support in all aspects of the job
  • Program coach(es) - train in program development and management
  • State specialist mentor - resource and support in program development
  • County program director - orient to the local office and region
  • County secretary - backup support in developing program in county
  • County council representative - orient to the county and community.

The team will be identified and agreed upon by the regional director, program leader and orientation coordinator before the new faculty arrives.

Community Development Academy
All new faculty are encouraged to participate in the Community Development Academy professional development experience during their second year of employment. Enrollment for CDA can be completed in WebApps in the ISE registration section.