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In University of Missouri Extension, we often are called upon to provide evidence of our programs’ private value to program participants, including such factors as time saved, dollars earned or health benefits increased. But, MU Extension also creates public value when our programs benefit others in the community those who do not participate in our programs directly.

Fiscal pressures on federal, state and county governments make the need to demonstrate our public value increasingly urgent. More than that, by understanding and substantiating the public benefits our programs provide, we can be confident that MU Extension, as a publicly funded organization, is doing what it is truly meant to do.

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March 2012 — Building Strong Families Public Value Statements (DOCX)


Developing public value messages

County annual reports convey public value
County offices are required by state statute to produce an annual report at the end of every calendar year. These reports include financial information and summary of work and accomplishments. When prepared with the thought of distribution to stakeholders, they can convey public value and the broad impacts of local programming. 

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2009 Public Value ISE video recording and materials

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Project proposals

The Public Value Self Directed Work Team’s approved cost proposal provides an opportunity for $2,000 of seed money for each of the eight extension regions to enhance knowledge and develop innovative ways to expand public value language within the region’s programming efforts and reports. This will be an incentive to focus on the intermediate and long-term outcomes within the logic model. The following are approved Regional applications.