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Self-Directed Extension Teams

2010 ISE Documents

Each of these documents were shared and used during the 2010 Extension Leadership Development ISE March 31 April 2, 2010.

Summary documents produced prior to or during the Extension Leadership Development ISE
Additional supporting documents
  • Stages of SD Team development (PDF)
    Every team goes through distinct stages during formation and as group work proceeds. These stages need to be repeated to a certain degree every time members join and leave the group. These stages are predictable and necessary.
  • Success Factors for SD Teams (PDF)
  • Coaching Is Everyone's Business (PDF)
    Are you keeping up with the tasks in front of you? Do you need help jump starting your work on the team beyond today’s “status quo?” Are you working with a team member who could benefit from developmental or performance coaching? In the complexity of today’s workplace needs and with the emphasis on multitasking anyone’s work can become overwhelming! Here’s how coaching can help. 
  • Relationship Building (PDF)
  • The Shape of Work to Come (PDF)
  • What is Resistance and Why Should I Care? (PDF)
    Nearly two-thirds of all major changes in organizations fail. Resistance is any force that slows or stops movement. It is not a negative force nor are there "resistors" out there just waiting to ruin our otherwise perfect intervention. People resist in response to something. Something that we (or our clients) are doing evokes a reaction that we call resistance. The people resisting probably don't see it as resistance; they see it as survival.
  • Workplace Trust (PDF)
    Guided Discussion. In new group formation fears and concerns are natural, sometimes based on past history and sometimes because someone is not well known to others. 

Shelley Bush Rowe,
Don Nicholson,