Disaster recovery

Flood and tornado recovery resources

MU Extension helps communities and individuals prepare for and respond to disasters. The Missouri Flood Information Facebook community is open to all individuals (not just Facebook users) affected by or interested in keeping informed of flooding in Missouri.

MU Extension: earthquake preparedness

Preparing for the next damaging earthquake can help you and your family to survive and recover. The seven steps that follow include actions to keep you and your loved ones safe, reduce potential damage and recover quickly. By following them, countless casualties can be avoided and millions of dollars saved. Preparation is the key to surviving a disaster. You can start today by following these seven steps. Click here to view the flyer (PDF).


The USDA’s new Disaster Resource Center website at www.usda.gov/disaster provides information and links on a variety of subjects related to emergencies and disasters. MU Extension specialists Beverly Maltsberger and Sherry Nelson contributed to the website’s section on drought in their capacity as members of the Extension Disaster Education Network’s Drought NEIL (National EDEN Issues Leadership) team.

FEMA claims

How to Make a Claim to FEMA (PDF)

Temporary roof repairs

How-to-Install Self-Help Tarp (PDF) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Where to get help

MU Extension publication EMW1001, Statewide Disaster Response/Recovery Contact List, includes information on state agencies and organizations that provide disaster assistance.

MU Extension publication MP904, Resources for Your Flooded Home, provides details on safety, clean up, disposal, mildew prevention and consumer protection.

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