How to join 4-H

You can start by contacting Regional Youth Development Specialist Janice Weddle at the University of Missouri Extension Texas County office to find out what local clubs and projects are currently available to find out what will fit your family best.

You will then go to 4-HOnline at:

This is where you will create a family profile. This is where you will enroll and sign up for your club and projects for the year. The cost of 4-H per program year per youth in Texas County is $25.

Clover Kids is the officially recognized 4-H program in Missouri for children under age 8. The program is designed to provide 5 to 7 year-olds a variety of educational and recreational experiences in a non-competitive environment.

How to Volunteer

Volunteers must complete three steps to be considered as a 4-H volunteer.  First, you must enroll online at: Next, you will complete the paper Annual Background Check Consent form and turn in to University of Missouri Extension Texas County in order to complete your background screening, and last you will complete the one time volunteer orientation.  If you have completed the orientation in previous years, you do not have to complete it again.  Enrolling online and the paper background check consent form are required annually.

Complete the one time required Volunteer Orientation training in person at a regional energizer (taking place in January, details coming soon) or online at:

The state 4-H office sends a screening postcard to volunteer applicants once the annual check is done. Your unique customer ID will be listed on the front of the postcard. KEEP THE POSTCARD if you plan on doing the orientation online.  Local program needs and the best interests of youth in the county dictate overall county volunteer approval.  All three steps of the volunteer process MUST be completed before you can be considered as a volunteer and to be covered by University of Missouri liability insurance.  Volunteers should not hold club/project meetings until all steps are completed. Volunteering is free of charge.