Tree Pests

Tree Pests is a collaborative effort of several state and federal agencies to keep citizens informed of the latest invasive insect and disease threats to Missouri's trees. Whether it is a single tree in your yard or acres of woodlands on your property, this site is for you.

Do you know that humans are a primary way these invasive pests are spread? It's true! Whether through moving firewood or wood to make furniture and crafts, we enable these hitchhiking freeloaders to spread from infected areas to noninfected ones. The "Slow the spread" Web pages for each pest contain the latest tips on how you can help us in the fight against these invasive threats.

Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan now in place

State and federal agencies in Missouri have cooperated in the past to respond to threats posed by individual invasive pests such as the gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, and thousand cankers disease. As the potential for spread and establishment of these and other known and unknown invasive forest pests continues, a more comprehensive approach to response planning and implementation has been implemented.

Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan (PDF) provides an overarching framework for a consistent, coordinated response within Missouri to future invasive forest pest threats. The plan defines the roles and responsibilities of cooperating agencies and outlines actions common to responses for most damaging invasive pests; specifically outreach, risk reduction, monitoring, response to detection and management of established populations. In addition, action plans for individual pest species that are complementary to the Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan, will be developed as dynamic documents that define additional response activities specific to those pests. These action plans will be posted on a pest’s specific web page.