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Learn more about the History of extension and the statewide Budget summary that helps us reach Missourians with valuable programming.

Extension council

Webster County Extension Council: Our advisory board of Webster County citizen leaders

Extension council meetings are the fourth Thursday of each month from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. All meetings, except the August barbeque, are held at the Webster County Extension Center, 800 S. Marshall St., Marshfield, MO, and are open to the public.

Webster County programs

2015 Funding Concerns and Statistics (PDF) — Our monthly shortfall is over $2,000 per month. Can you help us out?

Giving form (PDF) — There are many ways you help can support us financially.

Course Catalog 2015 (PDF)

Website Flyer with Regional Contacts (PDF)

Promotional Brochure (PDF)

Frequently-Asked Questions about Webster County Extension Center (PDF)

33 Most-Asked 4-H Questions (PDF)

Webster County Extension Milestones (PDF)

The Plans and reports page shows our office's activities and impact for each year.

Webster County Pride Points: 2013 Pride Points (PDF) | 2012 Pride Points (PDF) | 2011 Pride Points (PDF)